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Soccer Sport Designs 5 Styles

Soccer Sport Designs 5 Styles

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Choose your Design Style and background color!  These make wonderful gifts for the whole team or your favorite sports player.  We do have other sports available and will be adding them, if you have questions, please feel free to contact us.  Sports plaque does come with free stand. 


Sports Plaque Male or Female Size-  6 x 8.25

Soccer Pennant Male or Female Size- 6.9" X 16.5"

Soccer Shoe and Ball Size- 8.5" X 12.9"

Soccer Jersey Size- 9.2" X 10.01"

Soccer Bag Tag Size- 2.5" X 2.1"

Please let us know name, background color, player color and number of jersey when ordering in notes field or after ordering send us an email at

We can also do other sports such as:

Wrestling, Race car, Hockey, Swimming, Paintball, MTX, Pickelball, Snowboarding, Ski, Marital Arts, Karate, Golf, MTB Biking, Lacrosse, Dance, Band, and many others.  

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